Monday, March 8, 2010

From Here to There

When I want to get from here to there in London, I consider my options. Walking usually gets me where I need to go. I sometimes walk miles every day. That's a good thing, right? One of my favorite options is to take a bus,  like this vintage one. There are a few old ones like this left, but for the most part, I take the new sleek ones....

like this, and I love sitting on the top level and watching the world go by.

Of course, we use the underground a lot, affectionately called The Tube. Mind the gap, please.

Black cabs are everywhere, but every once in awhile, I take a blue one for the heck of it!

If we're going out of town, we use a Street Car. It's a great idea--you join the organization for a year, and anytime you want to rent a car, you reserve a car parked at one of the designated spots in your neighborhood.

To retrieve the key, you wave your card given to you by Street Car over the sensor on the dashboard, and the car unlocks admitting you entrance.  The keys are inside. Just take the car as long as reserved and return it to its spot when done. Sure beats having a car of your own here in the city, when you only need it once a month or so.

If I was brave, I might try zipping around by motorbike, or even by bike, but those people really have to have nerves of steel.

I love watching the way kids are moved from place to place. This is pretty ingenious, and I see mothers like this from time to time, but it seems a little risky to me.

And just like there are double decker buses around the city, you can find these double decker strollers around town too. Do you think they fuss over who goes on top?

When the kids are just a wee bit older, they all get their own set of wheels. See these scooters lined up outside a school door?

Watch out at the end of the school day, because sometimes being on the sidewalks can get rather treacherous!

Of course, if I could wiggle my nose and make wishes come true, the ultimate way to get from here to there would be one of these Rolls Royces. I bet a girl could get used to it if she tried!!


  1. I love the red buses, I love the Tube, I love walking in London. Thank you for sharing about the school children and the scooters. How cute (and dangerous--hee hee). So cool the learn about Street Cars, very smart. But I wouldn't dare to drive those London roads...and for that all Londoners should be thankful. It may be supremely nosey of me but as an independent bird myself, I wonder if your outings in jolly London are primarily done solo or do a group of London friends get together?

  2. Jenny,
    A little of both. I've found a great group of ladies here through the American Women's Club, and we enjoy spending time together. When nothing's on the calendar with them, I strike out on my own exploring. It's such an easy city to get around. And, by the way, my husband will drive over here while I navigate, but I don't get behind the wheel. Not on your life!

  3. Love your post... so informative.

    That car idea is ingenious!!! I would love that if I was in a European city for sure! When Scott and I dream of moving to Paris, we always discuss the "car/no car" issue. He says we will want to get out of town... I say take the train! It's a silly discussion we have, and we both stick to our side pretty adamantly... funny!

  4. I am loving all your pictures!! Do you take them all your self? If you do, great job, you definately have an eye!!

    Great blog girl, great blog.

  5. Yes, the photos are mine. Your compliment could not have come at a better time, as I've been a little discouraged about this new digital camera I have. Thank you, thank you for the kind words, and for stopping by to say hello.