Sunday, March 14, 2010

Liberty of London meets Target

What's new at Target starting today? Liberty of London!!!  Target and Liberty have hooked up to market a new line of fashion and home items with Liberty flair at Target prices. Known around the world for its signature mini-floral prints, twenty-five of these prints have been selected to be featured in their Target line.
Bedding, bicycles, gardening gloves, pillows. blouses, purses, scarves, picture frames, children's clothes, men's boxers, shirts and ties, teapots--the list goes on and on.

Situated in a Tudor style building on Regent Street, the Liberty store had its beginnings in 1875. Since that time, it has archived 43,000 of its prints. Striving to stay current it has taken on partnerships with a French concept store called Merci and now most recently with Target.
The line is already selling out in several categories online and in the stores, since becoming available early this morning. A pop-up store in New York City which opened early had 11,000 visitors in two days and had to close up earlier than expected when they sold out of the line.
So run, don't walk, to your nearest Target, or do like I did and pop online to see what's left that might interest you. It's going fast, but you can find it here.


  1. fun! i'd heard about this. maybe my mom and i will have to go up to target. kelly

  2. I just bought Andi a gorgeous Liberty dress & matching headband this evening! Beautiful stuff!

  3. How pretty! I looked at the website, and I think my favorite is the Sixty teapot---so very London, indeed. :)

  4. I heard about this a few days ago, and got my fill of the Target website yesterday. So fun... so colorful.
    I'm a black, white, and khaki girl, but oh those colors... I think I might give some a whirl this summer!
    And you're right... tons of stuff was alreaady SOLD OUT!

  5. Another good reason to shop Target instead of WalMart. :)

  6. I am auctioning a few items that are sold out if you'd like to check them out:

    Liberty of london for Target!