Thursday, October 21, 2010

Antiquing at Epsom Downs

It was a pretty fall day when we headed to Surrey for the Epsom Downs Racecourse for their Antique Fair. Surrounded by rolling hills, the racecourse is put into extra use when antiques are the stars of the day, and not the horses.

Most of the vendors were set up inside and all were eager to wheel and deal, as well as educate you about their items for sale.

Up for sale was jewelry,

vintage linens,


and of course, silver.

I thought this set was especially pretty--mustard pot, pepper pot, and salt cellar,

but this was my only purchase for the day. Silverplate Sheffield from the 50's--not so old really, but a fun piece that I think I can use so many ways.

When you head to an antique fair, you never know what you'll find. Some of the more "exotic" items were found outside. A pair of prosthetic legs,

a vintage hair dryer,

 a stuffed cat,

a tattoed, long hair dealer, selling a stuffed rat and

 skeletons just in time for Halloween!


  1. That sounds like a wonderful day, minus the stuffed cat and rat. :) I love the piece that you bought, it is gorgeous! Happy weekend, Debi! xxoo :)

  2. Legs??
    Only in London...Happy you had your camera at the ready.
    Holly told me your other story... I am glad it all turned out well. I'll wait for the post on that one :-)

  3. I love, love, love, going on trips like this with you!

  4. Yes, I feel certain that you will find lots of uses for the pretty Sheffield.

    I do not think that I have ever seen a skeleton for sale; is it the real thing?
    Something just seems a little strange about that. I don't think most people want to end up being the bare-bones-bargain at the flea market. Ugh.

    But, I did see something that I would like - those blue and white cups and saucers. They say ,"Tea time."

  5. That looks like a brilliant day out - I'd have to leave all my money at home though, too dangerous ;-)

    Have a great week, Love from South of the River x