Thursday, October 7, 2010

Printemps Loves New York

During the past month, the ever-surprising department store Printemps in Paris has been celebrating the Big Apple with a pop-up store full of Americana.

Superman reigns supreme and King Kong rules over the street entrance.

Much of this celebration goes hand in hand with the opening of the first Coach boutique in Europe, right near the front door among all the European designer big names. 
You can see a video of their grand opening here. Click twice to view full screen.

American fashion design is also being celebrated, and 15 designers, including Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg and Tony Burch, were asked to create an exclusive signature T-shirt just for this occasion.

Selected American products are also available for purchase. I found it amusing which iconic products were selected for purchase. Caesar dressing, which was offered at $12 a bottle, peanut butter for about $7 a jar,

marshmallows, and all types of syrup

including strawberry syrup.

And who really buys strawberry Fluff in America?

A small jar of Hellman's for $6 in a country that is known for its delicious homemade mayonnaise.

The very trendy Berko counter located in Printemps, added to the fun with its decorated cookies

and a yummy selection of cupcakes, which have just recently been introduced in France.

The pièces de resistance, however, were the hot dog and Obama "necklaces," I guess you could call them, which were retailing for about $225, yes $225!
Non, merci. My suitcase was not big enough for even one more souvenir, even at that very enticing price!  
Catch it quick--the promotion only lasts until October 10!


  1. Hmm. Instead of ceasar as "American" shouldn't it be Ranch dressing, non? We have some yummy foods here, but seeing the condiment product line on display wouldn't win my French taste over, that is if I was French...which I am not. I have never had "fluff" myself....where are the corn chips, and bagels? Printemps is fun though and I have always thought of "Coach" as a sophisticated, thanks for giving us a peek.

  2. The American food is funny - definitely ranch dressing over caesar and I also have never had the "fluff" - didn't even know it existed. Fun post, Debi! xxoo :)

  3. Love seeing the American food displayed as high (and expensive) art!

  4. Such great displays.....That marshmallow fab, xv.

  5. when we were in paris, i almost passed out at the
    beauty of the printemps window display. gorgeous
    flowers everywhere.

    this display was more fun and funny. strawberry
    fluff? whoever?


  6. This is completely over the top! Of all things to choose to sell, really. I never even heard of Strawberry Fluff! Amazing. And I was surprised that Coach wasn't already established there. Thanks again for this. – g