Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sit, Stay, Love

Last spring, I mentioned that something very exciting was opening just down the street from my London home. Many of you guessed from the clues that I gave that it was Anthropologie, the American lifestyle store which is so very popular in the States. The building, located on the corner of King's Road and Flood Street, was originally a gentleman's club built in the 1920's which has seen several renovations, most recently as an antiques center. More about that here.

Guess who has left behind her career of banking in the US to work there? My own daughter-in-law, Cristen, who has moved to London for a couple of years with my son. She loves playing, I mean, working there.

The design of the new store, its second European shop, intentionally preserved some of the original architectural features, 

including the beautiful skylights and stained glass.

The design team on staff keeps it interesting, and Cristen tells me it's all for sale. See the horse laden down with merchandise?  Gone! Could have been ours for the right price if we had jumped on it sooner.

Not only is it a fashion mecca, but the gifts and housewares departments are fascinating.

Something for everyone!

The store is known for being dog friendly, with an open door policy and treats and water available for shoppers' dogs. Recently, they sponsored a Doggie Day called Sit, Stay, Love to benefit the Battersea Dog and Cat Shelter.

The competition began when a winner of the waggiest tail was selected, followed by 

the winner of the Snappiest Dressed in her teal coat who was so shy that she hid under the table, right beside the winner of the Dog that Looked Most Like Its Owner on the right.

In addition to the neighborhood dogs, some came from the shelter

and charmed us with their tricks.

 At the end of the afternoon, they left us begging for more, and a few marked their territory for a return visit in the days to come!


  1. OOOOoooo, cool place. Cristen is so lovely, and what an adventure for them to live/work/travel together...reminds me of another couple...hmmmm. I see that you are reading the Red Queen...what do you think?

  2. This is my daughter's favorite store. Her birthday list included dishes from there.
    I am glad that they retained some of the architectural details.
    Hope your daughter-in-law continues to enjoy working there - lovely place to spend some time.

  3. What an eclectic collection of goods in that fabulous shop~ unfortunately we don't have one in Australia.
    I so... love the pretty sky-light and stained glass windows. Have a lovely week Debi.

  4. I love Anthropologie, it's one of my favorite stores! What a fun adventure for your son and his wife to live in London for a few years! Have a wonderful week, Debi! xxoo :)

  5. Oh, goodie, thank you so much, Debi, for another terrific update from my favorite city. I think it's just terrific that your daughter-in-law works just down the street from your home. Can't wait to see what's next!

  6. I cannot believe that is just near where you live .. and now your daughter-in-law is working there. How amazing. I did not have time to go in when I was in London .. but I can see that it is fascinating. I like the idea that they sponsored the Cat and Dog shelter .. I think that is a great idea , but having dogs in the store is a bit strange for the UK , except for guide dogs. Have a good week, I hope to get there again one day. Anne

  7. How great to have all the fam there with you. I love the look of the store. Would you believe I have never been there? My daughter has mentioned it but I just haven't made it there YET.