Saturday, October 23, 2010

Introducing Lauren

Climbing her way up in the music scene is my friend, Lauren Pritchard.  Lauren, a beautiful young woman of 22 years, and I first met at church in London a couple of years ago. She had recently made her way there from the US to work on recording an album of songs she had written herself. After an incredible amount of hard work and determination, her album is set to be released on October 26!
Wasted in Jackson tells the story of her life since "escaping" the small town of Jackson, Tennessee at the age of 16 to pursue bigger dreams.

She left for Los Angeles, where she fell on some hard times after a spell, and was taken in by Lisa Marie Presley to live with her and her daughter. Later she was enticed to go to New York to play in the Broadway cast of Spring Awakening for over two years, and then it was off to London to work on her debut solo album.
You'll find it to be a mix of R&B, soul and gospel all wrapped up in an bluesy package. Exciting things are happening in her life. She has been touring the last few months, making a name for herself in the UK, appearing on the Alan Titchmarsh show last week, being praised by many journalists both sides of the Atlantic, adored by Topshop's online blog Inside Out, and most recently being selected to be the iTune Single of the Week starting October 26 for 7 days. You can download her single, When the Night Kills the Day, for free during that time.

Be watching stateside for her performance on Jay Leno on Monday night, October, 25th. You can follow her career path and listen to the video of her new single at her website. She's delightful, she's charming, she's a rising star. Catch her as she begins to soar!

Photos from Lauren's website.


  1. My family in Jackson knows Lauren! I've been watching her career because they had told me about her. I'll make sure they read your post! Enjoyed your post and will try to catch her on Leno. I've been to her website before and like her sound a lot.

  2. Ciao Debi, a determined girl, who deserves the success!

  3. So glad you shared this with us and that I read this in time to see her on the Leno show.
    What a interesting story you have written here and about her and she is very beautiful too.
    Thanks honey for offtering to help Gretchen with any questions about London. I will send her your site in case she has any questions.
    She leaves tomorrow for Kentucky where her mom and dad live and then next week to London.
    So sweet of you to visit me and leave such kind comments about my situation.
    Been down in the dumps over it but friends like you are helping me get up and get over it

  4. I'm way, way behind on my blogging. My google reader said I had missed 10 of your wonderful posts. I just spent some time catching up but will only comment on this post. I loved your Paris tour. Hope all is well. Love you friend.

  5. She's absolutely amazing, Debi! A mesmerizing voice – thank you so much for introducing me to her. I'm sure she'll be a huge success and how lovely that you know her. – g

  6. Thanks for introducing me to Lauren Debi. Is sounds like she really deserves this "break". I hope she achieves much success.

    Best wishes and happy week,

  7. Hi Debi,

    I am so sorry I am a day late to see Lauren on Leno. She sounds like a lovely, talented, young lady.
    I am catching up on your posts. What amazing treasures at the antique fair. A stuffed cat, now Tommy would like that.

    The London Anthropology is outrageous! My local one would fit in a dressing room-hehe.

    Big hugs,