Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween in London

It's almost Halloween, and each year I see more and more signs of the holiday in London.

Harrod's has their displays

as does Peter Jones.

A few store fronts are getting in the spirit,

of bats, spiders and ghosts.

I've seen one house decorated--very unusual, maybe Americans are living there.

Krispy Kreme has jumped in with the theme, but  the new treat in town is

the Cake Pop.

 Knew it couldn't be long before they made their way over the pond from America. Harrod's has the first ones I've seen. Perhaps they would be a special treat for any trick or treaters, even though they are few and far between in my neighborhood. Halloween is really a very new tradition in England, with more and more interest every year. Especially in this decade.
Of course, London would be a great place to celebrate Halloween. You could take the Jack the Ripper walk that we did last week, or go to the Halloween Chocolate Tea at the Hilton on Park Lane. How about a visit to the London Dungeon, the Vampire Arcade at the London Eye, or Boo at the Zoo? X Factor has a Halloween theme this weekend, or you could find all sorts of ghosts at the Tower of London.
Maybe the real Halloween party is at Wembley Stadium where the 49'ers and the Broncos are supplying the thrills as they meet for a little Sunday night Football--American style!
What would you do if you were in London for Halloween?


  1. What would I do...go to Turkey!!!!! On the flip side, I did see one house today on the street that had 3 Jack-O-Lanterns on the front door! That's been it...

  2. Sorry to say we do not celebrate Halloween .. we used to when we were living on the Royal Air Forces camps , that was a long time ago, but not any more.. we have trick or treaters around .. but some of them can be nasty ... I don't mind if they are little children and come round with parents ..

    They have the stuff in all the shops here, especially the supermarkets with outfits etc etc.. my grandchildren are going to a special party , which is fine.

  3. I am not big on Halloween myself, but if I were in London and those were my choices that you listed - I would go to the Halloween Chocolate Tea and most likely the football game (since the 49ers are my team and my guy is a football fanatic.) Great photos!!

  4. Hi Deb:- those pumpkins are ever so pretty in their orange skins, interestingly we never hear of Halloween in my city - it is not celebrated in any way.
    The cake pops however have become very popular and my grandies love them.

  5. I would probably do the same I as we do here. An early supper, and then Halloween fun. Here we would dress up in costumes and give out treats, and there we might go looking for treats... Do they 'trick or treat' in England yet?

  6. What a interesting post! I take so many things for granted and then when I read something from someone like you who lives both places I realize how sheltered I am with my thinking.
    Your right though with everything the city has to offer it would be the prefect place to celebrate. lol
    Wish I had not seen the Krispy Kreme and cake pops now I am hungry and its bed time.
    Enjoy your weekend
    thanks for the sweet comment you just left me about having a little spice in my last two pool therapy' cute. Your right it was just a little..hahaha

  7. I have noticed that Halloween is getting much bigger here in Australia over the last 5 to 10 years too. We will be having a tiny little party for the kids and then we will be heading out to go trick or treating.

    My English mum says that she recalls Halloween being mentioned when she was a child but most times they celebrated Guy Fawkes Night (have I spelt that correctly??) with fireworks and lots of parties. Is that still the case now, Debi?

    I hope that your Halloween weekend is lots of fun what ever you do. I am going to ring my hubby now and see if Krispy Kreme is making yummy donuts here!

    Best wishes,

  8. We are going to that football game......dressed as an American sports fanatic! Cheers!

  9. those cake pops are adorable! i haven't seen them
    on THIS side of the pond yet. but we are the last
    to see anything. :)

    not a big fan of halloween but can't help being
    impressed by some of the big displays over here.


  10. We do celebrate Guy Fawkes night November 5th.., personally I think this is worse now, as they sell fireworks to the public.... years ago it used to be for Displays only...

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  12. Nice , Halloween in London always celebrated as a big event. Join Halloween Parties In London 2016 And Let's Make this Halloween Special.