Friday, April 29, 2011

It was a day of memories--a once in a lifetime experience, a wedding celebration like no other. London was ready for a party.
I left my house at 6:40 AM to meet friends and make our way to the Mall which leads to Buckingham Palace. I know that many of you in the US got up much early, so you may not appreciate that early hour, but I did have to walk a couple of miles to claim our viewing spots.

On our way, we passed near the Goring Hotel where the Middleton family was staying, and saw the white canopy which would hide Kate as she would discreetly leave the hotel a few hours later.

When we parked ourselves along the street with the other one million people who were on the streets of London today, we met some interesting characters who made our party even more memorable.

Little princesses came to see the Princess Kate they all idolize.

Along the way, we found several wedding couples,

and a very special princess who had stepped into the loo for a bit.

We made great friends with our parade route neighbors, Alex and Monica,

and stood patiently 7 hours in all to see all the spectacles of the day. We were positioned about 6 people deep,

so any pictures we got were just quick glimpses of the wedding party, in between a sea of cameras. The crowd roared in delight when Kate Middleton drove by on her way to the wedding, and we got the first peek at that divine dress designed by Sarah Burton, as many had surmised the last few weeks.
As the ceremony took place, those of us on the parade route had copies of the wedding program so we could follow along as the wedding was broadcast from loudspeakers.

After the wedding, the newlyweds, now entitled the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, came back down the Mall in a 1902 State Landau, an open carriage that had carried Princess Diana and Prince Charles down the same route years ago. Disappointing pictures, since you can tell that my camera focused on the camera in front of me instead of the royal couple,

so I'll also share Cristen's photo she took, as they stood at the Horse Guards Parade to get their view.

Harry and the 2 young pages came next,

followed by Pippa Middleton and the young bridesmaids.

The queen and Prince Philip opted for a glass carriage, with the intention of keeping the focus on the young newlyweds, and not on them.

They were followed by the two sets of parents of the bride and groom, now in-laws to each other.

The coach buses carried "minor royalty."

As soon, as the procession passed, we all headed towards the palace to see the royal family step out on the balcony of the palace, to greet all 800,000 of us waiting.

Cristen grabbed this shot, as they greeted the crowds. Didn't you love the way Prince William blushed when he kissed his new bride?

And as the day draws to a close here in London, I think the wedding of the much loved William and Kate has once again proven, "Fairy Tales Do Come True."

There were many moving moments of the day, but one especially resonated with me. It was when we all joined in with the wedding guests to sing a rousing, if not musically perfect, rendition of "God Save the Queen." Hope you enjoy this peek into the street scene of one of the biggest parties London has ever seen.
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  1. What a fabulous day, Debi! I was up into the very wee hours of the morning watching all the festivities - it was a wonderful wedding! Thanks for sharing, I feel like I was there too! xxoo :)

  2. Well I held off hearing or seeing anything about the Royal Wedding (made a round trip/ road trip with my mom=8 hr drive for some family business and we talked the whole time without radio interruption) the whole day. So when I finally got home at 11pm, very weary I still watched the whole pre-, during, and post- wedding events I had DVR'd and my dear dear hubby stayed up with me to comment and appreciate the beauty and loveliness of the the bride, the glorious church, and the vows...they are such a dear does the heart good. Now this morning I am getting my "insider scoop" via some of the best coverage I have seen from any new agency and it is by you! YOu are fab Debi and from the looks of things a ton of fun to make the most of things with....keep enjoying your Royal doings.

  3. I was up early to watch it here from Texas, it was well worth it!!!
    When I watched it on TV, they have the camera's that can zoom in, but looking at your photos I can see it from the view that being there gives you, thanks for sharing.