Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's A Royal Circus!

Well, this spur of the moment trip to London has started out in an exciting way. Monday afternoon, in a weak moment, I let my husband talk me into getting on a plane the next day and flying back to London to enjoy the festivities. When I got to the airport, my adventure began when I was interviewed by Dominique Sachse, the Houston NBC anchorwoman, and then we flew side by side to London. The interview aired on the 4 PM show in Houston on Tuesday, so many of my friends were kind enough to write and say that they caught it on the air.

After being greeted by some beautiful weather, I ventured out to explore. First stop: Buckingham Palace, where as you might imagine the media circus was all abuzz. A multi level construction has been erected there to accommodate the major network studios.

On the bottom level are a myriad of make-up artists and hair dressers to keep the reporters looking their best. I learned one tip from an anchor today--use your cameraman's sunglasses as a mirror to check that your hair is in place.

The first reporter I came across was a correspondent for NBC's Today show pointing down the Mall and imagining the parade route on its way back to the Palace.

This is a photo of the Americans they "coerced" into cheering for ABC's "Good Morning America" crowd,

and this is the view on the other side of the camera, being filmed along with all those "crazy Americans," after I decided to join them. Did you see me?

I heard a couple of photographers asking this boy's father is they could take his picture--do you really think he would have dressed him up like this and paraded him on his shoulder if he didn't want his picture taken? He was a cutie!

I ran into Becky Anderson, CNN's London correspondent, who was reporting that there are more than 9.000 journalists from 60 different countries reporting here on the regal event.

Piers Morgan was chatting with  Katie Nicholl, a royal correspondent who is being tapped by several networks for her inside scoops.

Sharon Osbourne and Kevin Frazier were feeding reports to "The Insider."

I moved on to Trafalgar Square, where MSNBC has set up a viewing platform and mini studio.

Terri Seymour, Simon Cowell's former girlfriend, was chatting by video to Mario Lopez, her co-host on "Extra."

And one of my favorite's, Meredith Viera, of the "Today" show with NBC, gave us a shout-out when we called her name.

My final stop of the day was at Westminster Abbey, where a viewing stand has been in construction for weeks, and every inch of rooftop space around is taken up with camera crews. Very valuable real estate! Reporters from around the world were interviewing the early "campers" who had already claimed their spot for the Friday show.

So I'll close off today's report with this picture taken today of the very regal Westminster Abbey, all polished and shining, waiting for another most historical occasion to begin in just a day away now.

We are crossing our fingers praying for a nice weather day like this one, but all bets are off on that one. Rain is on its way by Friday, they predict, but they say that only brings good luck on a wedding day.


  1. Me thinks Holly conceeded to early. She still has a couple of days to get someone special to attend the Antelope!
    Y'all are better than any of those network shows.

  2. Great reporting on your part, Debi!! :) xxoo

  3. Loved the video. Saw it here in Colorado via a link.

  4. You are a fantastic reporter...what GREAT photos. this is fun Debi, thanks for taking us along. I love the Today Show and have been probably a little more excited about the coming nuptials then anyone I know. Go have a ball....and report back.

  5. That is AWESOME!! I knew she looked familiar, lol. Love all the celeb citings at the wedding other than the royals. Great pics!

  6. Thanks to your great husband we are getting an up close and personal view of what's really happening in London. Thank you Mike! You are doing an awesome job and the pictures are fabulous. You make an excellant reporter. Can't wait for the next posting. Enjoy the hoopla. You deservve it. So proud for you.

  7. Great reporting, Debi! Can't wait to see and hear your impressions of the Big Event! So glad you are there!