Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Knees Up Time

I spent the Wedding Eve with two of my favorite people, my son Jason and his wife, Cristen, who also live in London. We headed out early to do our "homework" to find where we might want to position ourselves for the Wedding Day.

Security questions still abound, but everyone entering any part of the parade routes will have to pass through one of the many security gates to get in.

We had a good chuckle at the bets being taken by several betting agencies in town.  Will the Prince fall asleep, will Prince Harry drop the ring and who will be the first to cry--the queen, Kate, Elton John or David Beckham?

You could also place a bet on the colour of the queen's hat,

as well as will Kate be late, early or on time? And when will they have their first child, and what is its sex?

New cameras appeared overnight at Buckingham Palace Gates.

Even more campers perched across from Westminster Abbey,

making themselves comfortable for the final countdown, and becoming celebrities as reporters from around the world interviewed them.

We encountered quite a few characters people as we wandered about today.

A cheesehead from Wisconsin,

a senior citizen with a passion for the royalty,

a guard keeping his cool,

a tourist showing off her Kate Middleton doll,

avid fans, and

royalty camping along The Mall leading up to Buckingham Palace.

We bumped into friends who were sporting a very familiar engagement ring,

spotted a flashy driver,

wondered about this knight clinking across the street,

got a kick out of London bobbies who were using iPhones to give directions to tourists,

waited in suspense as this gentleman proposed to his lady in front of the Westminster Abbey,

and then breathed a sigh of relief when she said "yes."

The day wound down meeting Will and Kate for drinks at The Antelope pub where all the American gals hang out on Thursday nights.

Cristen and I then rushed over to Westminster Abbey where we did a live interview for the ABC Houston affiliate. Unfortunately, their technology failed us, so only a few moments of the interview were aired before they cut to the local reporters. Technology is great when it works, isn't it?

Now as the sun has gone down, Kate and her family are all snuggled in at the posh Goring Hotel nearby, where they have completely reserved all 71 rooms for family and friends, and Will is spending the night with his dad and brother at Clarence House.

Tomorrow it's rise and shine early, as friends and I head out for the long anticipated adventure. We're looking forward to a "royal knees up" and crossing our fingers for a good weather day.

If you'd like to print out your own copy of the Wedding program to follow along, you can find it here.


  1. I saw you on TV today with Iliana...or whatever her name is from channel 13. And you were got cut off!! This is soooo fun and thank you for blogging your "fans" each night. Nighty for me, I've got to go finish making supper. Kiss kiss

  2. so long ago...and so busy the last weeks, but didn´t forget you, my dear...just a little hello and my best wishes for you and your love ones...hope you will have an exciting and sunny day tomorrow...enjoy it and take some pictures...and take care in the crowd...all the best...cheers and a big hug...i...

  3. What a fun circus!! Depending on Jackson's feeding schedule, I may be watching with all of you. :)

  4. I better get to bed early tonight, so I can get up for the festivities in the morning! :) Have fun, Debi! xxoo

  5. Excellent post as always. Enjoy your big day tomorrow!! :)

  6. Such fun to see all this through your eyes! It's amazing to follow this historic event with you!! You do it all wih such grace and style!!

  7. Great pictures and comments. Keep them coming. I feel like I am there with you. Thanks for the link to the Royal time table.

  8. So much fun to read this! You are so funny with the posts, too! I loved it, and enjoyed seeing you on the news yesterday! You are so classy, Mrs. Debi! Hugs! What a fun thing to live there while all of this is happening!

  9. This was so much fun to see, as you are the first on site blogger I know that is actually there to see the Royal Wedding! I'm glad you joined Sandi's "Friday Favorites" so I could find you! Have a wonderful time!

  10. Enjoy all the excitement Deb. Glad you are having so much fun!

  11. Here comes the Bride. Enjoy all of the wonderful celebrations.

  12. The doll looks a bit scary, she is much more pretty!