Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jelly Beans and A Surprise

Time for some more Royal Wedding fun. I fell in love with this portrait that is featured in the Peter Jones department store on Sloane Square, all made of jelly beans.

Forgive the harsh store lights please--impossible to get a shot without glare, but isn't this fun, and I'm  amazed at how accurate it is!

It took artist Malcolm West 5 weeks to complete,

and he used over 11,000 Jelly Belly beans to make their images come alive. Only 15 of their 50 flavors were used--do you think your favorite is there?

And now for the surprise. 

Since the Little Prince arrived 11 days early (pictures coming soon,) and my husband is so persuasive, and I have a bad case of the Royal Wedding bug, I have just decided to hop on a plane and head to London for a long, celebratory weekend. Hope to share with you soon some of the joy!


  1. You selected some very pretty keepsakes, but I noticed you had no jelly bean pictures with your purchases.
    Jelly beans, pizzas - I guess if they can put a royal face on it, they can sell it!
    What fun that you will be in London to soak up some of the historical happenings.

    I am sorry to hear about your friend, and I would guess that she would have like your "Rise up" post.

  2. Congrats on the arrival of the little prince! Have fun in London! I look forward to reading about your celebratory adventures! We are heading back over to London this summer - can't wait! xxoo :)

  3. Love the picture! Congrats on the little Prince AND have a wonderful trip!

  4. Blessings on the birth of y'all's little Prince! How wonderful. and may I say, "Yippee!!!" to your being in London for the THE EVENT!!! Next best thing to me being there is you reporting and enthralling us with your awesome pics and interesting insider info. What fun. Alas, Friday morning I will be on the road early with my mom and do not have a cyber hook-up phone or computer-wise so I will miss the live event. The other bummer is that zero people in my home are interested in watching any recorded coverage with me later, even when I promised tea (only the best, Twinnings), scones, and cheezy fake tiaras. Oh, well the wedding will go on and now I know I might catch some of it here. Bon Voyage Gigi.

  5. i never cease to be amazed by artistry, since i have none!
    how in the world?

  6. The jelly bean portrait is amazing! How did the artist manage that? So excited for the royal wedding. Hope you have a wonderful time weekending in London. Congrats on your own little prince!

  7. Amazing portraits!
    Congrats on the new baby! Can't wait to se pics!!

  8. So glad the prince arrived safely.

    Now, pretend everything else I say is in HUgE capital letters. I am so excited for you!!! I feel like you are the closest thing I'll get to the royal wedding, and now you are actually going to be there!!! I am really in awe, and I cannot wait to hear every single detail...and photos too!!! I knew you were looking forward to the new baby, but I was so sad that you had to come home...it all worked out, huh? God is good!

    This post really made my day...can't wait. I was a little down today, and just knowing you are jetting off to London has put a permanent smile on my face. I will be looking for you in the crowd!

    Now please buy something cool like a tea towel or something, and do a giveaway, and then don't tell anyone but me...shhhhhh...it will be our little secret...lol.

    Hugs and kisses to the royal couple, and to you my friend! Have a blast!


    P.S. Do you tweet? I think you should set up an account, put it on your blog, and tweet during the day...ok, I'm getting a little crazy...right?