Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Royal Souvenirs

One of the big dilemmas of this Royal Wedding year was to determine what was the "perfect" souvenir I could buy that would be cherished and passed down through the generations for years to come.
I would vacillate back and forth between buying something nice, or opting not to buy another "sit-about" just to sit around to collect dust.

So after much deliberation, I decided I should buy some sort of a keepsake, so I started in slowly. Surprised to find a Poundland store when we were visiting York where "everything's a pound," I grabbed onto one of these mugs for a mere 1£.

You have to understand, you can't buy hardly anything for a mere pound, so I couldn't leave it behind. I would have bought one for all of you too, at that price, if it hadn't been for the fact that I had to carry it back on a train with me to London!

Then there was this whimsical, not so expensive, Hudson and Middleton mug of bone china

made at the Potteries at Stoke on Trent in Britain. At this point, I still had only invested a small pittance for two treasures.

Then there was the Cath Kidston tea towel. Absolutely too fun to leave behind on the store shelf, and besides they were selling like hot cakes and were in big demand. So I bought two--just to be sure I wouldn't have any regrets.

The more I thought about it, I realized this chance of living in London at such an auspicious time in history warranted a really nice commemorative souvenir, 

so I bought the official Royal Collection mug at the Buckingham Palace store. So sweet, and don't you just love the love birds just inside the rim? There were rumors that Catherine's initial "C" was placed about William's "W" to avoid any WC or potty humor!

And then I fell in love!

Wouldn't you know the absolutely perfect gift was waiting for me all the way in York, England at the Mulberry Hall shop where the Royal Crown Derby china company had exclusively produced a limited design of this loving cup just for them? Only 500 were made.

The Loving Cup is hand painted with British wildflowers which will be in bloom at the time of the wedding: Bluebell, Celandine, Forget-me-Knot, Meadowsweet and Pasque flowers.

Trimmed inside and out with 22 carat gold, the cup celebrates the Royal Wedding Day.

Note to my children: Do not put this in a garage sale when I leave this earth!

Having heard Alison Weir speak a few weeks back, she told us that she, along with 3 other historical biographers wrote this history of Royal Weddings between 1066 and now, just to be released at the beginning of April.

I can't wait to dig into it and read all the details and pore over all the photos of royal weddings,

beautiful gowns,

historical nuptials,

family portraits,

and details of poignant fairy tale weddings that weren't so long ago.

And now I've saved one of the best for the last.

I was in "happyland" when I found this little souvenir that I bought for me my granddaughter.

Aren't we going to have fun re-creating the Royal wedding again and again?

The Queen, with her pearls and crown, the Prince, and even their Corgi dog

are all cheering for the lucky couple.
And so am I! 
Hip, hip hooray!
Won't be long now!


  1. These are all sooo wonderful, Debi! What a fun, fun shopping spree! I am going to share all of this with my Mom who is fully immersed in Royal Wedding books, magazines and television shows. She will love it. That loving cup is really exquisite – a very special souvenir. I still have a box of souvenirs from Charles and Diana's wedding – including a tea towel. Never used! – g

  2. I like the mugs of china,with the drawings-pretty!

  3. Having shopped with you in Israel, I know how carefully you choose your most treasured souvenirs! I especially love the Cath Kidston tea towel as you know I have an affinity for her style, and that loving cup is absolutely gorgeous! Very special! And, yes, I can just see you playing with Jordan with the child's toy! So cute!

    Have you though about doing a Giveaway for something from the wedding? I think that's a great idea!

  4. Great souvenirs. The book of weddings will be fascinating. I absolutely love the little play set. So cute. So original. There is nothing like that here in the states, your granddaughter will have such a great time with that.

  5. Debs. I PROMISE to make sure the kids don't sell the Loving Cup in a garage sale!! Do you think perhaps I should keep it at my house? :) Sue

  6. This is the BEST post ever! I love everything about it. I, too, would have had trouble choosing. I have some books I bought of Charles and Diana, and I certainly plan to buy at least one book on William and Kate, and probably a commemorative magazine as well.

    Can't wait to watch the wedding. Scott and I are setting our clock bright and early and going out to the family room to watch it on our 60in. TV in HD...it will be just like we are THERE! LOL

    Grandson yet???