Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bluebonnet Time

It's bluebonnet season in Texas, so it's time for a seasonal expedition to a field of bluebonnets for some photo ops. We started out on a sunny afternoon, but before we finished, the wind, the mist and the sprinkles took a little wind out of our sails, but here's how the story unfolds as told through the "mouths of babes."

Hey, this could be pretty fun--I'll give it my best pose!

What?!? You want me to sit on the ground with him in this pretty dress???

But there might be some bugs.....

OK--here goes nothin'!

And Jackson's point of view: Hey, get me up from here!

Jordan: Down little buddy, I've got this thing all figured out.

Jackson: What, you expect me to smile too?

That's just asking too much!

Hey, I'm miserable down here!

OK, let's make a deal. You feed me some treats and I'll think about it.

Now we're talking...

I might be convinced...

See I can cooperate when I have a mind to!

Now if only Jordan could keep her eyes open, we might could call this a wrap!

Playing in the grass is sorta' cool!

Especially when my belly's full!

Hey.....who put her up front and center? She's taking all the good lighting!

Time for another snack....

Jordan: Boring!!

Jackson: You expect me to smile with a full mouth???

What, we're all done?? I'm outta' here!!!


  1. Love it! Just add a baby and you have me several years ago... it's amazing I have any good pictures of my children. Great job. :)

  2. Nothing says Easter like adorable grandkids in a field of flowers!
    Sweet green outfits too!

  3. Just perfectly adorable and wonderful. Texas bluebonnets can make anyone happy. Love this post!!!

  4. Seeing Blubonnets today for the first time in years!! So beautiful!! Loved your clever post.


    Oh what joy it is to see your precious babes in a sea of bluebonnets my dear. I send you my fondest wishes for an AMAZING GRACE-filled Easter.....WE will rise, because HE has RISEN!!!!!


  6. I can't think of a better way to end my Easter Day than looking at these pictures of your sweet darlings. They are just both so beautiful.
    I just love this post and you for sharing it with us.
    Where did you find your field of Blue Bonnets. Our fields around the North Forty have very few this year because of the hay man fertilizing them. I miss the fields of blue this year.
    Sending you many Easter Blessings and wishes for a very nice week ahead
    Love ya

  7. Loved the photos of your precious little ones and especially loved the commentary. It seems that all Texans feel the need to torture our children in the spring in the itchy grasses filled with bluebonnets. But, oh, the photos, are oh, so worth it.