Friday, April 27, 2012

Ultimate Chocolate Brownie

Time for a chocolate blog!   Paul A.Young is one of the finest chocolate artisans in the UK, and I'd had it on my bucket list for sometime to check out his shop, so when we found ourselves in the Soho area, we popped into his newest shop on Wardour Street,

where we were greeted by an unbelievable aroma of chocolate upon opening the door,  and then temptations at every step.

My primary goal was to try his chocolate brownies which have been awarded the title of the best brownie in all of London. These were unlike any other brownie I've ever eaten, fudgey, gooey and almost like baked ganache. More like fudge than a brownie. In fact, when I went back through security checks at Heathrow Airport, my purse was flagged, and after a lengthy search and much puzzlement on the part of the staff there, they finally concluded it was my half eaten brownie that triggered the x-ray since it was so, so moist.
I dared them to try and take it away from me!

And if one brownie is not decadent enough, then The Brownie Box should fit the bill, since there will be plenty to share.

All the chocolate is made by hand in the kitchens of his three shops

by Paul Young and his team, who

offer a wide selection of flavor combinations that are sometimes innovative and creative.

How about a cuppa' hot chocolate

or chocolate fudge dessert sauce to spoon over your ice cream or puddings...or maybe just to eat straight out of the jar?

Or perhaps you're a do-it-yourself kind of gal/guy who would enjoy one of his award winning cookbooks

or baking box with all the ingredients for your own chocolate fest!

How much better can it get than platter after platter of chocolates to choose from--imaginative flavors

and traditional favorites. The day we visited the most popular flavors were blood orange martini and banoffee pie, but you could also select from jasmine tea ganache, blackcurrant and Dijon cassis, peanut butter and raspberry jelly, roquefort roast walnut and honey, or salt and pepper marzipan. 

Told you it wasn't your ordinary flavors! Now what would you take home from a visit to Paul A. Young?


  1. We stumbled in there a few weeks ago and picked up some chocolate bars and a brownie. The brownie was the best thing in the world- like some sort of fudge/brownie hybrid. The caramel chocolate bar was a pass- next time I will just get two brownies!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I will look for them next time I'm in town.

  3. i will be sure to steer my daughter to this lovely
    brownie shoppe next fall!

  4. Oh dear oh dear....all of these last flavors are making my mouth literally water HERE!!! AND I JUST ATE!

    Oh my dear, what a treat this must have been! And you get to see so many lovely things out there in London...I must go there the next time I get out to my beloved city of Paris. AND THANK YOU for your kind visit today! Anita

  5. I will definitely put this on my "to-eat" list!

  6. this brings back memories of our trip to Switzerland 2 years ago. We toured and then devoured chocolate after chocolate at the Caillier Chocolate Factory in Gruyeres. What a fantastic day you must have had!