Sunday, April 15, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

It's hard to believe, but the Little Prince is turning 1 year old this week.

Ever since God blessed us with this little charmer, he has entertained us and kept us smiling, so it was time to throw him a party.

His mommy and daddy threw a great baseball themed party yesterday for his family and friends.

Now should this Gigi bring back a gift from England for this little chap?

I looked at the big black cabbies that he could take for a spin, but decided it was too big for the suitcase.

Would he like a British post office box to mail Gigi some letters when she is away in London?

Maybe he should add to his Royal Wedding Happyland collection with this year's suggestion: athletes for some London 2012 play.

Hmmm...even some "paralympians" who are ready to carry the torch for their country.

How about the Queen and her Corgi with a Happy Jubilee cake?

No, sister Jordan has a couple of queens already.

Instead, how about some British attire picked up along the way shopping the high streets of London?

Time for his first cake--his own little baseball cake which gave him his first official "sugar rush," and provided some hilarious entertainment for his family and friends, 

who also loved watching him open his gifts!

His buddy Emerson was there to throw a few balls,

along with sweetheart Brelyn who tried to show the boys a few "girly" tricks or two.

Group shot, all seated, but never all looking at the same time!

Oops, strike one,

and then strike two!

But Jackson did not strike out this day--no sir, he struck it lucky to have so many friends and family to love!

Happy Birthday Little Prince!

We adore you!


  1. Your Jackson is just so adorable. Hard to believe a year has already passed.
    These pic's are wonderful Love the strike one. lol How cute!
    Looks like they all had a great time sharing this special day.
    Happy Birthday Sweet Jackson!

  2. what a little darling! you must love him
    to pieces!

    it was fun to see a display of british toys.

  3. Oh my, he's so adorable! Can't wait to meet this handsome young man some day. Happy Birthday to your Little Prince!

  4. Awesome blog, Debi! Of course, I enjoyed seeing my grandbabies too, even if they provided a little drama! Lol!

  5. Happy birthday to the very handsome little Prince! xxoo

  6. Happy Birthday to Jackson!! A year already????

    Looks like a wonderful party. He's such a sweetheart!

  7. Your blogs are getting funnier, Debi (the one in the bluebonnets was one of my favorites!). Strike one and two had me rolling on the floor. Grandkids are the BEST!! Kiss kiss sweet friend!!

  8. ANOTHER APRIL BABY!!!!!!! He is truly a little Prince, OH HE IS!!!!! GIVE HIM A BIG HUG FOR ME! And thank you SO much for your kind comments my dear! HAVE FUN! Anita

  9. Such a precious little guy. It was fun seeing all the little babies as they struck out.

  10. Oh, I can see why he is called Little Prince!! He is Royally adorable! [ And I see he has a little Princess for a sister, too!] He looks like your son. What a lovely family...
    Those British toys are so fun to see...I can remember shopping in an English toy store for a friend's grandchild's present a few years ago, and I was delighted with how different and charming the toys were!
    Thanks for your sweet visit, Debi. I just signed on for your email delivery!