Friday, April 20, 2012

Paddington-- A Star in Our Book

Recently, I put together a book about "our" Paddington Bear who lives with us in London, for our 4 year granddaughter who is  coming to visit us along with her parents and her 1 year old brother this June. We thought it would be a great way to give her a peek into our lives in London when we are away from her.

The book turned out really cute, so I thought I would share some of the photos with you.


We first "rescued" Paddington at the Paddington train station a few years ago, and took him home to live with us.

Since then he has tagged along with us all over London and the environs, seeing among many things, The Tower of London,

the new Olympic 2012 Stadium,

Westminster Abbey,

Big Ben,

Trafalgar Square,

the infamous red phone booths,

St. Paul's Cathedral,

the dragons guarding the City of London,

and the Tower Bridge.

He's not been so busy that he hasn't had time to soak up the life in the parks with Poppy,

and to frolic in the flowers,

taking time out of his schedule to smell a few roses along the way.

Never one to turn down a meal, he loves pizza from Pizza Express,

tea at The Dorchester,

and making friends with the ice cream man at the park.

He's traveled all around town in many types of vehicles, sitting by pretty girls in the tube,

listening to Princess stories read to him by Poppy on the way to church,

checking out the double decker buses,

and even taking his turn behind the wheel!

He's marveled at the Queen's State Carriage

and wondered how many horses it would take to pull the thing.

All along the way he has made friends at every stop,

in Covent Garden,

at the antique shops,

with William and Kate look-alikes in front of Buckingham Palace,

and even fallen in love with Rapunzel at the Disney shop.

But most of all, he just likes hanging out with family, looking out the window,

going to work with Poppy,

helping cook dinner with Aunt Kiss-Kiss and Uncle Jason,

celebrating the holidays with us,

and just filling our lives with joy.

Paddington can't wait to meet you Jordan and Jackson!


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  2. That is absolutely adorable, Debi! Paddington is quite the tour guide. The kids will love this book and Paddington too! Enjoy your weekend! xxoo

  3. Very cute. I like the picture of him in the field the best.

  4. Adorable...a great introduction for the kids upcoming trip to London! You and Mike walked a lot miles to make this little book!

  5. So cute! I am looking forward to chapter two ~ where Paddington shows them around London town!

  6. Such an adorable idea and great pictures! I know they'll love it!

  7. goodness, he must be exhausted!!! your husband
    was such a good sport to be a prop for paddington.

  8. This is just darling. JUST DARLING! You have a streak of playfulness in YOU like me and my husband. Oh dearest, this is so hilarious. Paddington is ever most handsome and poses so well! AND I THOUGHT THAT WAS THE REAL ROYAL COUPLE!!!!!!!

    Oh those white horses. Did Paddington get to snatch a ride?

    THANK YOU FOR VISITING and it sure is nice to see your beautiful face! LOVE ! Anita

  9. Adorable! How did you talk the bus driver into letting Paddington drive?

  10. LOVE this! What a fantastic way to introduce the kids to London and get them excited about their visit!

  11. That is just adorable!! What a great idea. She will surely love it and treasure it forever! We had one of those bears for our daughter when she was young. I think it is still in the attic.

    Have a terrific visit...I'm sure you are counting the days already!!

  12. This is such a sweet idea! No one could resist Paddington, I'm sure Jordan and Jackson will love traveling around London with him :)

  13. Adorable! I had a wee Paddington when I was a child!