Sunday, April 1, 2012

Paris in the Springtime

Last weekend, we grabbed a chance to go to Paris. Hubby had a wee bit of business to do, and then it was all play the rest of our stay. I must have brought the good weather back with me from Marrakech, because it was one of the most delightful spring days Paris had seen in some time. 

The colors of the new season were remarkable: the chairs at the sidewalk café,

the blossoms on the trees,

the flowers growing in the Luxembourg Gardens,

as well as the bountiful tulips this time of the year at the flower vendors. So cheap, and so plentiful right now.

We walked by one of my favorite shops, Au  Nom de la Rose,

past this row of apartments which we admired,

and paused to appreciate the clean, fresh facade of the St. Sulpice church which had been covered in scaffolding the last time we were there.

Hermės has opened a fascinating shop on the Left Bank,

and Ladurée is collaborating with Hello Kitty this season.

What's a trip to Paris without pastries? We bought a lemon tart (my favorite) and a chocolate eclair from 
Stohrer's, the oldest patisserie in Paris. Its heritage is interesting: in 1725, Louis XV married Marie Leszczynska,
the daughter of King Stanislas of Poland, and 
his pastry chef Stohrer followed her to Versailles and later opened his own pastry shop on Rue Montorgueil.

This little fashionista caught my eye while we were having dinner at an outdoor café. See her little scarf around her neck? This is why French women are so chic--they start out their lives in style and it becomes second nature for them.

I loved the rococo style of the boiserie (sculpted panelling) of the 18th century rooms

in the Hôtel Carnavalet, where we spent an enjoyable few hours.

And the view of the Seine was especially lovely this time of year

from the Pont des Arts bridge, where couples in love attach "love locks" carved with their initials as an expression of their love.

And what would April 1 be without  a huge selection throughout the city of the "Poissons d'Avril" or April Fish which so symbolize the day? A very common prank played by young and old is to attach a fish on to the back of an unsuspecting person who is fooled or tricked by the silliness of April Fool's Day.

I'll play along with the fun, if it means a chocolate fish is the reward!

Happy April Fool's Day everyone!


  1. Debi, I had to read this post twice!!! It was like being in all my favorite Parisian spots in a few minutes!! Oh, what a time you must have had!! We stayed in an apartment once just a few doors off of rue Montorgueil, and I love that area. And the pix you got of the boiserie are as delicious looking as the sweets from Stohrer's and Ladurée!!But I've never seen a scarf on a baby! Too precious!!!
    Such a wonderful post! Thanks for your kind words to me, and Happy Poisson d'Avril!
    And have a Blessed Holy Week :)

  2. thank you for this wonderful and colorful walk on the streets of Paris!

    Life and travelling

  3. Oh, what an ache this gave me. Thank you for the intimate and lovely stroll. Ah, Paris.

  4. Wish I was spending Springtime in Paris... LOVELY!!!

  5. Glad you were able to enjoy Springtime in Paris, the weather has been heavenly. The shot of you at the Jardin de Luxembourg is wonderful.

  6. I think I read this THREE times! Le sigh! I love the chairs. And the magnolia blossoms AND Au Nom de la Rose – perfection! Laduree and Hello Kitty? Must be getting ready to open in Japan. :) Thank you for sharing your gorgeous weekend, Debi. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope I get such weather on my next visit. – g

  7. That looked like a really wonderful weekend, Debi! Thanks so much for sharing this. xxoo

  8. When are you going to introduce me to this heavenly city in person? We MUST make some plans. You and Georgianna have me really yearning to go there! Love the picture of the "small fashionista" and your comment under it. Great picture of you enjoying the sunshine, pretty lady. And oh the flowers! Heaven indeed!